Board Shorts

board shorts

Spring Advocacy budget increased

As recommended by Financial and Administrative Services Committee (FASC), board voted to approve a $7000 increase to the budget for Advocacy, a committee that addresses “issues of concern to students,” for Spring 2014 campaigns and events.

Brandon Chapman, business representative, raised concerns as to what the funds would be used for, speaking in particular to the previously launched Tap SFU campaign and a proposed three-day trip to Victoria.

Chardaye Bueckert, external relations officer and Advocacy committee member, outlined that the funds would be used for tax clinics, a trip to Victoria in February for members to “engage in interactive dialogue with elected officials,” four outreach days where Advocacy would offer free food to students, and production of live videos of Advocacy workshops.

Bueckert explained that Advocacy decided to suspend the Tap SFU campaign because it had diverged from what the committee had originally approved.

Build SFU appoints representative for engineer selection

It was brought up at board last Monday that, as Build SFU moves into the design and development phase of the SUB project, there is a need for representatives from SFU Facilities Services to work alongside the Build SFU general manager in selecting mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers for the project.

It was recommended at the building committee meeting in Dec. that a student board member serve as a representative on the committee. Brandon Chapman, business representative and Build SFU committee member, was appointed upon recommendation by Marc Fontaine, Build SFU general manager.

Concern was raised by at-large representative Clay Gray as to whether or not the committee would be better served by a board member who is an engineering student, indicating Moe Kopahi or Raham SaberiNiaki. SaberiNiaki responded, “In terms of the education that we get here from the engineering department being relevant to the project, [it is] not at all.”