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Mediator begins working with society

The board discussed the hiring of Paula Boddie of Paula Boddie & Associates Ltd., a human resources and labor relations consulting service, following the Oct. 11 incident between directors Moe Kopahi and Monique Ataei.

President Humza Khan reported that mediation had started that day (last Wednesday), and that Boddie had been given all the resources necessary to investigate the incident, as well as to conduct a full workplace investigation. Khan also stated that the board had decided to hire Boddie directly, instead of through the Society’s lawyers, so that Boddie’s final report will be given directly to all board members, and then potentially made public. Boddie will be spending two half days per week on campus while she conducts the investigation.


Health and Dental plan referendum not finalized

External Relations Officer Chardaye Bueckert brought the board’s attention to the fact that during the society’s AGM on Oct. 23, the presentation given by Kristen Foster, Pacific and Western director of Studentcare, stated that a referendum to raise the current fund ceiling on the health and dental plan would be taking place in March 2014.

Bueckert raised concerns that that statement was inaccurate, and that the referendum had not been finalized, and no referendum question has yet been drafted. The board concluded that more information needs to be gathered about health and dental plans at other institutions before a referendum question is drafted.


IEC CEO upcoming appointment

The SFSS board discussed the appointment of the chief electoral officer of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) — the body that regulates the SFSS board of directors elections each year.

It was decided to start the process of appointing the chief electoral officer earlier than usual, beginning the process on the day of the board meeting, with the appointment to be made two weeks later, on Nov. 20. The board also discussed the possibility of the candidate selected consulting with possible candidates on the positions before the election, and being part of the process of training the incoming directors.