Board Shorts

Students At-Large Appointed to Build SFU

The SFSS Board of Directors voted to appoint six At-Large Representatives last Thursday for the Build SFU Student Advisory Committee. These students will help the Committee to provide feedback and recommendations on its plans for student consultation, communications, and outreach as well as participate in the planning process.

The Board was eager to appoint a diverse group of students to reflect not only those already involved, but the various student populations on all campuses.

After much discussion, the Board appointed Anthony Janolino, Kyle Acierno, Meghan Lenz, Eric Hedekar, Jasmine Sjodin and Maria Ivanova to the Committee. As stated by its website, Build SFU hopes that these students (as well as any others who wish to attend the open committee meetings) will help them “redefine the SFU community not only for this generation but for future generations of SFU students.”


Changes to Orientation

Brian Fox, Student Life Coordinator at Simon Fraser University, joined the Board last Thursday to discuss changes to New Student Orientation that will be happening this fall.

These “significant changes” include the elimination of the drum café and the services fair, both of which have been keystones in the Orientation process for a number of years. Instead, Orientation leaders will be touring students through Maggie Benston to connect them with services that the organizers feel are more immediately important to new students. Additionally, students will be given a free afternoon on the Friday to explore campus by themselves.