5 Places You MUST Visit Before You Die


A Life Insurance Provider

You just have to check out one of these before you die! Bring your lawyer along, it’ll be a blast!

A Store that Sells Coffins

This is one of those places you’re probably going to want to at least browse before you pass on. It’s a really cool place and you could bring the whole family along! Just bring some sandwiches, your measurements and make a day of it!

Your Local Hospital

It’d be a real shame if you were to leave earth without at least paying a visit to your local hospital. So if you start to feel a pain in your chest or start spasming uncontrollably, check this place out! Oh, and don’t forget to visit the emergency ward. It’s the MOST EXCITING PART!

A Store That Sells Gravestones

This is something you’ve just GOT to do with your time on earth. It’s a little pricey, but worth a lifetime of memories!

Paris, France (Or Wherever Your Relatives Live to Say Goodbye to them Before you Die)

The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame . . . if your relatives live in Paris, France, visiting here would be the trip of a lifetime! If not, I’m sure you’ll at least get some closure or something.