Word on the Street: Election Results

Q: What are your totally reasonable thoughts about the election results?


Christy Clark is worse than Hitler! Did you hear what she said about the Poles? “The Poles were wrong . . . We can’t trust the Poles!” What year is this?

Tim Gunderson, Has trouble with homophones


I’m pissed off. I was sure the NDP would win! They HAD it! They were ahead by so much! How do you blow a lead like that! Godammit Bergeron!

Bill Johanson, Mixed up NDP/Toronto Maple Leafs Supporter


I am ecstatic. It’s so nice to finally see a nice guy lose!

Sam Dorsee, Long Suffering Jerk


I’m not surprised at all by the results. No one is ever going to win an election with a “hope” and “change” message.

Jerry Levy, Doesn’t follow American Politics


I’m shocked and disappointed. Based on the poll I did of my five friends I thought there was no way my party could lose.

Felix Astrado, Communist Party Supporter