Winning streak snaps for Clan Softball


SFU prepares for big games against NNU

By Mehdi Rahnama

Following a dominating 7–0 run into the season, the Clan’s first defeat of the season in conference games came at their first away match up.
They beat opposing teams game after game at home in their opening seven games to form an impressive seven-game winning streak before the Clan fell to a 8–0 defeat at the hands of Western Oregon University. It was the Clan’s first away game in the conference this season, and it proved to be too big of a change for a team seemingly in top form and well-focused.

Kelsey Hawkins was named Red Lion Co Pitcher of the Week which brought some good news to a team that had seemingly lost a lot of the confidence it had built over the first few games.
Following seven noteworthy performances, the Clan has only managed to get one win out of a possible four, which included dismal 8–0 and 9–0 defeats.

Renney had pointed to a long fight ahead with “many games and many practices” to come. Now it seems, that’s exactly the reality for the Clan. It’s going to be a long run to the finish line, as players will need to be fully focused and in their best form week-in, week-out to achieve their goals and fans’ expectations.
The Clan has used their non-conference game well, to regain some energy and to rejuvenate before continuing conference games again. With two good performances by a rather inexperienced group of players against Concordia University Cavaliers.

Hawkins was stellar once again in the second game of two against the Cavaliers, going six innings, striking out seven, and allowing only one run.

The Clan is well readied for two big games against the Northwest Nazarene University and Central Washington University, which may prove crucial in the team’s mindset for the latter stages of the season.

The Clan’s winning streak was snapped, but the team has its future in its own hands and is well capable of achieving what is expected of them. With group of veteran players and a strong leader in coach Renney, things seem to be in place for a return to top form by this team in the coming games. It seemed like the Clan were going to run over every opponent, but it’s certain now that there are some big opponents in this conference, and that there’s a big fight ahead for Clan Softball.
As Renney had warned throughout the dominating start to the conference games, there is “still lots of work to do […] we’re not where we want to be.”