Where are they now?


By Brad McLeod

Your imaginery friend
Did he always have that many teeth?

Man, you guys were inseparable. You did everything
together. School, bath time, and remember,
mom and dad even let him come to
the therapist! You didn’t really keep in touch
after you turned 11 and stopped believing in
him. You thought once you stopped believing
in him, he’d disappear, but he’s still around,

Nowadays he spends most of his time watching
you through your through mirrors. Sometimes
you can spot him in the moment when you
wake up, before your eyes readjust, as a dark
figure in the corner.

Adult Macauley Culkin
One-time child star

You know how you used to occasionally see
grown-up Macaulay Culkin on entertainment
news stories about Michael Jackson,
or every once in a while in paparazzi photos
with Mila Kunis? Well, Culkin has recently
retreated even further from the edges of the
limelight, only growing more reclusive with
age. Nowadays he spends most of his time
being a part of “Where are they now” segments
in magazines and other obscuritybased

The lost Shakespeare plays
Priceless artifacts

Although thought to be legend, as it turns
out Shakespeare actually did write well over
a dozen plays that never saw the light of day.
Long believed to be lost, all the plays were
apparently secretly recovered more than a
decade ago by Adam Sandler’s production
company, Happy Madison, from a 17th century
Victorian storage locker. The plays have
since been steadily released by the company
as movies. Scholars now believe that I Now
Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is the closest
representation of Shakespeare’s original
words ever produced.