Word on the Street: October 9, 2012

Q: So what are you be thankful for, this fine turkey day of ours?


By Gary Lim

“The fact no one has asked to see my birth certificate yet.”

Miguel Romnez
Completely Relatable



I’m thankful for the clarity that comes near the end of your life. The serenity of oblivion and . . . hey is that grain? ‘Cause that looks like grain. I’m going to go peck it out.

It’s a turkey



Butter flavoured insulin. Yes, I’m aware it’s something you inject,but that doesn’t mean “Butter don’t make it better! ®

Paula Deen
Ahab’s nemesis



“No, thank you

Frank Hutchenson



“I’m thankful I wasn’t born in that shithole Somalia”

Ombatu Tikibaki