Campus Update: October 9, 2012

Professor convinced that not making students remember ‘exact dates’ sets his class apart

An unnamed SFU History professor apparently still believes he is unique in not making students remember the exact dates of historical events despite this being true of every single professor in any course at the school.

The professor has reminded his students during every lecture for the past 20 years that he’s fine with them just knowing a general time frame of events instead of “the exact date Saskatchewan entered Confederation,” a somewhat humorous example that he refers to every single time.

Although the memorization of useless trivia has not existed in any university for a very long time, the professor believes he was the first and remains the only prof to be cool enough to let that kind of stuff slide.

In his best recollection, he hasn’t asked for specific names or dates since April 23, 1985 but all you need to remember is that it was before Robert Bourassa was elected premier of Quebec for the second time, but after John Buchanan’s Progressive Conservatives won their third consecutive majority government in Nova Scotia . . . see, isn’t that so much easier?


Brad McLeod