Word on the Street: July 30th

Q:So, the Summer Olympics officially kicked off last Friday with opening ceremonies in London. Thoughts?


“You yanks must have a couple roos loose in the paddock.  Else why’d you be holding the Summer Olympics in the middle of bleedin’ winter every year.  Dingo, vegemite, wallaby.”
Crazy backward land


“I refuse to watch the Olympics knowing full well that by 2116, the Olympics will have evolved into the Hunger Games.”
Gregory Barnett
Man in tin foil hat


“My word, the Olympiad games still exist? Astonishing. Surely this is a sign that the Greek civilization has remained as powerful and resplendent as in my day. 
Ancient Greek


Wenlock and Mandeville
Mascot . . . things


”Oh, yeah the Olympics. I’m…totally excited for those, just packed to the brim with patriotism. Hooray sports.”
Herman Miller
Just wants to watch Seinfeld

By Gary Lim