University briefs

By Ariane Madden

Details emerge from Dark Knight Rises shootings

Details surrounding the shootings in Aurora, Colorado that killed 12 people and injured 58 others during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises last week have begun to paint a picture of the suspect’s life and possible motives for the deadly massacre. The suspect, James Holmes, is described as having once been a top student who suddenly withdrew from a neuroscience graduate program this June. While no reason for his withdrawal has been released, officials say that it appears he had been stockpiling weapons and ammunition long before the July 20 attack.

Concordia raises fund in late student’s honor

Students and staff at Concordia University in Montreal have announced a $70,000 fund gathered in memory of Lin Jun, the Chinese-exchange student brutally slain and dismembered in May this year. The money will assist Jun’s family in covering the costs of burial and stay in Canada during court proceedings against their son’s alleged killer; it will also be earmarked to assist other Chinese students studying at the university in future years.