Don’t let classes get in the way of your sexy summer


By Ms. X

“To me, summer is usually full of parties, beaches and, most importantly, hook-ups, but as a summer student, I spend so much time up on the freaking mountain. How am I supposed to meet a hottie while I’m stuck in classes all day?”

Summer and fling are two words that seem to fit naturally together. With the sun out, bare skin is finally back in style. It can be hard to keep our focus in class, and being stuck in labs all day can definitely interfere with our potential to meet our July and August lover. As summer students, there are definitely ways to work around our credit hours and even use them to our advantage to ensure we don’t miss out on any sexy summer adventures.

First off, we are all in the same boat. Though campus may look a tad sparse compared to other times, it is still thriving with students looking for some kind of distraction. We’ve all zoned out while our prof explains the difference between covalent and ionic bonds, instead focusing on the eye candy ahead of us and wondering whether they’re already bonded to someone for the summer. Take the first step: find a seat nearby them in the next lecture and strike up a conversation. The good news is that being in the same class you already have something in common and an easy first line. Not only will sitting next to them give you a reason to go to class on sunny days, it may also lead to some free lessons in anatomy.

Who said the library is strictly for studying? Being stranded on top of Burnaby Mountain can have its advantages, you just have to think creatively. The library and AQ are full of empty corners perfect for a steamy study break.  After all, they say taking breaks are key to getting As.

Another plus of SFU in summer is that the AQ pond is in its prime, always filled with students taking advantage of the sun. This area seems to be our campus’s equivalent to the beach, with under-clothed hotties and groups of tanned beauties throwing around Frisbees. I say, there is no better place to finish up those readings before class.

If you have lucked out and found a fling to spend time with on campus, take advantage of the beautiful surroundings SFU places you in. Take a walk over to Burnaby Mountain Park for a cute date. The view is instant romance and if you two are up for it look for a patch of isolated woods and really get in touch with nature.

Though it seems that being stuck in classes over summer would limit your hookup and fling potential, in reality, it can work in your favour. Don’t be afraid to strike up conversation with a cutie in class, or explore areas of campus deemed “off limits.” The sun and surroundings at the Burnaby campus make the perfect combination for great distractions while studying. So enjoy your summer and don’t worry about missing out on flings; with some creativity, SFU can be just where you need to be.