Your ultimate guide to posing with your favourite harvest vegetables

Say pumpkin!

Someone standing in the produce aisle at the grocery store taking pictures with carrots.

By: Saije Rusimovici, Staff Writer

Taking a stroll through muddy and slightly smelly pumpkin fields may seem like an intimidating feat. I know, the pumpkins are scary. Choosing a shape, size, or colour is just about impossible. The same thought is running through everyone’s heads. We’ve collectively agreed that it’s socially acceptable to visit a farm and pose with a bunch of vegetables every year. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it. 

We’ve also succumbed to the pressures of ordering the $6 pumpkin spice latte and topping it off with the most premium of premium oat milk for an extra $1.50. We’ve deemed pumpkins as simultaneously the cutest and creepiest of the harvest vegetables. But what about the other gourds?! Let’s give squash some credit, please! And what about dear old zucchini! Did you know that you can carve a cucumber? Let’s put faces on some cantaloupes this year! 

Let’s give all the gourds some credit and capture them on camera this year. The best part is you can find these gourd-geous veggies in your local supermarket (anyone who makes fun of you is just jealous they didn’t think of the idea before driving an hour into Langley).

This is your ultimate guide to taking pictures with your favourite gourds that will surely get more likes than the hundreds of pumpkin pictures on your Instagram feeds (don’t worry pumpkins, we still love you). 

The Super Squash: 

Balance each squash in either hand like you’re the host showcasing prizes on a game show. Keep your facial expressions super animated and glance at the gourds like they’re the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. This is a pose for those who love comedy and being the centre of attention (just remember the squash need to be the real stars of the show). 

The Cool Cucumber:

Cucumber is one of the most underrated of the gourds. So, you may be wondering how on earth to pose with the awkward cylindrical vegetable. Hold the cucumber so it rests subtly on your shoulder like you’re wielding a baseball bat or, even better, a fresh French baguette. If it’s cool in France, it’s cool at the local Safeway, too. 

The Peeking Pumpkin:

Soft-launch your relationship with your new significant other by hiding your faces behind a massive pumpkin. Just make sure you don’t accidentally drop it. Because, like most things at the grocery store, you break it, you buy it. While we prefer a classic orange pumpkin (yeah, maybe because it’s the cheapest), you can opt for a white or yellow pumpkin to be less basic.

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