Top Ten: Things I love about SFU

These are a few of my favourite things

Cheerleader holding pom poms standing in the middle of an empty football field.

By: Izzy Cheung, Staff Writer

I don’t know about you, but when I was rejected from UVic, CapU, and the ever-famous UBC, I was ecstatic. I knew that this meant I’d be attending SFU. This prestigious, research-based university prides itself on all facets of post-secondary institutions. Here are some of my favourite things about this distinguished university. 

1. Accessibility is an Asset  

Burnaby campus, in particular, is stellar at this — the campus is amazing at being accessible. Right off the bat, you can obviously tell the campus is made for everyone — just look at all those stairs! I find it so considerate of the university to provide stairs for everyone, specifically those who may need extra aid to get around campus. Ramps, who? Yay! 

2. Maple Leafs = Red Leafs?  

I love how our athletics club decided to pay homage to that sparkling NHL franchise based out of Toronto. Although, our Leafs are red, so that makes a huge difference. It’s always fun to negate grammar to make a name sound fun and funky fresh! It’s in times like these when I wonder why I’m doing a minor in English. Yay! 

3. Course offerings  

SFU offers so many courses. They are courses. Courses that teach things. What exactly is Global Asia, and why is it called that? Does anyone remember the Latin American Studies Minor? Yeah, me neither. I wonder where it went. Yay! 

4. Treatment of workers 

Look at all those cleaning staff contracts — so little job security! Wow, when you think about how most people working in these positions are women of colour, it really makes you think about the power dynamics within the systems that employ these workers. Who has control over who? Anyways — yay! 

5. The football team 

SFU is known for being the only Canadian school in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Because of this, you’d assume they’d treat their athletes with respect and inform them about any big decisions regarding their club at least a little bit in advance, right? Anyways, does anyone remember the Red Leafs football team? Yeah, me neither. I wonder where they went. Yay! 

6. Top-tier spy game 

Have someone you need to dig up dirt on or simply want more information on? Never fear — SFU is the university for you. In a study conducted by myself, after doing a Google search, it was found that SFU had hired the most private investigators out of all BC-based universities. Conclusion: if you need some digging done, you know who to call. Yay!   

7. Fifth-floor AQ bathroom 

Did you know that some of the bathrooms on the fifth floor of the AQ let you take a sneak peek into another person’s private pooping time? No, I’m not joking. It’s a fun experience for everyone involved and so typical of this fantastic institution. Yay! 

8. Transit!!!!

Sure, I’ve shackled myself to a life that will forever be spent taking transit, but that’s not a bad thing! Taking the bus up to the Burnaby campus is always a fun experience — it really makes you grow closer to your fellow bus-takers. Literally. Just think of all that fresh air you’re breathing in while being crammed into one little bus that comes every 10 minutes. Yay! 

9. Allocation of expenses 

Oh, here comes another tuition increase and they want to chat! Hello, tuition increase! What are you doing here? Do you know where you’re going? No? Do the students know where you’re going? No? That doesn’t make much sense. Didn’t you come from the students, Mr. Dollar? Won’t your previous owners miss you? Oh, you left for the university before anyone could realize that their university has messed up priorities? Well, that makes sense. Yay! 

10. They make me feel like I have my life put together (and that’s saying something!) 

For context, I’m graduating (?) next semester, and, as it stands, don’t have any post-graduation plans. My life is chaotic right now, and somehow, it still pales in comparison to . . . other organization and planning skills that have been seen around Burnaby Mountain recently. Yay!

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