Horoscopes January 30 – February 5

Which celebrity are you destined to meet?

An illustration of a girl with long flowing hair. Astrological signs and stars shine around her.
ILLUSTRATION: Marissa Ouyang / The Peak

By: Hana Hoffman, Peak Associate


In this mysterious world full of unexpected coincidences, you are someday destined to end up in the same tutorial class as Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Aww, Aries and Ariel are going to be right next to each other on the alphabetical attendance list so when the instructor splits the list into groups for discussions, you two will always be in the same group! Please tell me about the interesting conversation when she tells you all about how she went from living in the big blue sea to enrolling at SFU as a human 🙂


Honestly, you’re so strict when critiquing your own work. You always set your expectations so high! Soon you’ll discover that judging is your secret talent, and you’ll someday become a Canada’s Got Talent judge and meet your colleague, Simon Cowell. You’re gonna “no” the judging criteria so well.


Are you still making edits on your new year’s resolution? New Year’s is so over — it’s time to just stick to the plan and start working towards your goals! It seems like you really need to start believing in yourself, which will lead you to meeting Justin Bieber after your counsellor schedules him to teach you how to become a “belieber” . . in yourself. That extra confidence boost goes a long way!


The answer for you is actually up to you. On TikTok’s search bar, type the letter “c,” and the third account with a blue checkmark that pops up is who you’re destined to meet. Who is it gonna be? Central Cee, Charlie Puth, or even Cardi B? You tell me!


Looking straight into the future . . a time machine will be built by a group of SFU students, and they will offer anyone a free day trip to the past while they’re testing the machine. You will volunteer to enter the big futuristic time machine, and it will take you to Italy in the year 1503 to a painting studio. There, you will then meet the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. You could ask him if he ever thought his name would still be well known 510 years later!


Once in a while you enter those social media giveaways, right? Well, some day, Virgo, good luck will come your way! You will see an Instagram notification saying you are the winner of a VIP meet-and-greet ticket to Harry Styles’ concert. That’s an exciting future, and it’s never too early to plan your hairstyle for that moment. It would put the good vibes in One Direction: a bright one.


Some day in the future, while life is good, you and your peers decide to travel to Toronto and go party at a local nightclub. Drake just happens to be the special guest that night, and during the show he accidentally drops his microphone right in front of you. He says, “Libra, can you do something for me?” and you’ll pick up the mic and give it back to him. So helpful! He thanks you dearly and wants to meet you after the show, wow. 


I’ll tell you why you’re so lucky to be a student in Burnaby, Scorpio. Some day after a long study sesh at SFU, you will go to the grocery store to buy a few cans of Bubly. You soon find out you’re not the only person craving Bubly when you look at the man also taking packs of Bubly into his shopping cart, and he turns out to be Michael Bublé! You get all excited and bubbly and start a conversation with this famous singer.


As an SFU student you’re probably living in or near Vancouver. This means your chances of meeting Nardwuar the Human Serviette is extremely high! You’re a human Sagittarius, so I just have a feeling you two will cross paths some day! Whenever you hear about a famous artist touring to Vancouver, take some time to visit some local music stores and you might catch Nardwuar doing an interview in one of them. Meeting him is your destiny, I am certain of it.


Capricorn, I know from my omniscient Star-eyes that some of you are guilty of skipping a lecture or a tutorial at some point in your year(s) at SFU. But that’s also a cool thing, because it makes you have one thing in common with rapper Lil Baby: skipping. He was a headliner for Breakout Fest at the PNE venue last September but skipped his show . . . so if you two ever meet, you will have so much in common and become fast friends.


Aquarius, you’re full of fun, happiness, and sunshine, and a fun fact is that you love cats and you always enjoy sweets on Valentine’s. Well, that probably means that you’re destined to meet Cat Valentine on one of your future Valentine’s. You guys would be best friends, I can picture it already.


Pisces, your ability to hide your stress and anxiety during exams and your laughter during lectures makes you an outstanding actor by heart. This will someday lead you to getting hired as an actor for a future TV series. Guess what? The cast also features the amazing actor, Ryan Reynolds. Therefore, you will become great friends with your fellow actor. Or great enemies. . .  who knows how it’ll go?

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