New year, same old hateful me

A letter to my brain with the hopes of making it angry

A hand holding a pencil writing a letter. The letter reads “I love being a hater.”
ILLUSTRATION: Emily Xu / The Peak

By: Cam Darting, SFU Student

Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate everything, why don’t you? Dear readers, as I lay in bed this whole winter break, the beautiful poem mentioned before played harmoniously throughout my head daily. It reminded me of all the things I hate. I hate cats, birthdays, loud cars, water, when Freddie never said “one” in iCarly, and snakes. The list can go on and on. I then asked myself, why do I hate so many things? I kept asking my brain, hoping it’d give me this profound answer that would create world peace, but it refused. Of course, my brain has so much to say when I want a clear mind, but the one time I need it to talk, it’s silent. If my brain wouldn’t give me an answer, I thought the best thing I could do was a good old-fashioned rewire. 

With the new year coming, I thought this would be the perfect time for a mindset reset. 2024 was gonna be the year where I hated less and loved more. WRONG. Right when it hit midnight on New Year’s Day, hate filled every ounce of my body. I was reminded of how much I hated the sound of party poppers and the rainbow confetti they were filled with. 

The next day, I pondered again while sipping a mango Bubly in my heather gray Aritzia sweatsuit, as one does, when my brain finally answered. Do I remember the answer? No. Do I care? No. What’s important is that I realized my brain is annoying. How are you going to make me think I should be less hateful, yet still fill my mind with hate? It makes just as much sense as why Bloom was the main character in Winx Club, and not Stella. IT DOESN’T. 

Anyway, this is a message to my brain. I realize you’re the one trying to get me to hate less because YOU’RE the one who wants me to think more positively, but guess what? No. I refuse to let my brain control me. To this, here are two hateful people who are amazing. I hope this will fill you, my brain, with hate as you read this.

Starting off strong we have Jade West from the hit Nickelodeon show, Victorious. Pretty, talented, scissor enthusiast, and more importantly, hateful. She was so hateful that if you were to look up the word, “hateful in the dictionary, her name would be a synonym. The reason why her hateful ways are superior is pretty self-explanatory. 

Next up on the list is Wednesday Addams. Everything about her is a slay. She loves black, she has a dark aura, she’s morbid, pessimistic, grim — what isn’t there to like? Clearly, she’s doing something right because her hateful ways landed her her own hit Netflix show. Do better, Pugsley . . .

To conclude, new year, same old hateful me.

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