Elon Musk does not need your defense

Let the Tony Stark wannabe embarrass himself in peace

exaggerated linework illustration of Elon Musk’s face
ILLUSTRATION: Alyssa Umbal / The Peak

By: Kelly Chia, Humour Editor

If you’ve been on Twitter the last two weeks, you bore witness to Elon Musk reducing the platform to his tantrum sandbox in the name of “free speech,” even protesting that activism is what’s driving people away from the site. No, Musk: it’s your rampant moves to fire or ban anyone who questions you, while making it difficult for officials to verify themselves with an $8 fee that’s rushing people out like a landslide. 

Musk was never a good guy. Evidently, he’s not the invincible genius that his fans believe he is. He’s a man who has made empty claims time and time again. Like the time he said he would build a “hyperloop” tunnel linking New York and Washington, then later took the project off the company website. His fans rush to comment sections to defend every mistake he makes. But, Musk is not a hero, nor your friend.

Musk is, in fact, a billionaire permanently stuck in 2014 meme humour, yucking it up for the Redditors and fanboys who worship his intelligence. I promise he will be okay if you don’t idolize him. This man has undeniable power and wealth and chooses to use it for spreading mass disinformation about vaccines and COVID-19, while decrying the loss of free speech. In fact, Musk doesn’t care about free speech. He cares about being adored. 

In the last week alone, this man has moved more swiftly against his impersonators and critics through bans and blocks, instead of providing solutions for the loss of user privacy after 50% of his workforce was illegally laid off. So protect your private information and delete any personal details — the Tony Stark wannabe is intent on barging down a road of poor decisions, and you should not go with him. 

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