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How much does the men’s basketball team know about other sports at SFU?

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Numbers dipped below 50% when it came time to the lacrosse questions. Illustration: Maple Sukontasukkul / The Peak

By: Nercya Kalino, Staff Writer

Q1.) What does “albatross” mean in golf?

  1. When a player takes three shots less than what’s expected (76.9% answered correctly)
  2. When a player hits the ball in the expected number of shots 
  3. When a player gets a hole-in-one
  4. When a player takes two shots less than what’s expected

Answer: A 

Q2.) How many holes are in a round of golf?

  1. 14
  2. 17
  3. 18 (76.9% answered correctly)
  4. 16

Answer: C

Q3.) The outfit a wrestler wears is called a . . .

  1. Wrap
  2. Singlet (69.2% answered correctly) 
  3. Girdle
  4. Cover

Answer: B 

Q4.) In wrestling, irregularity to the ear caused by injury is called a…

  1. Broccoli ear
  2. Mushroom ear
  3. Cauliflower ear (100% answered correctly) 
  4. Popcorn ear

Answer: C

Q5.) What is the Indigenous name for lacrosse?

  1. Stickball (92.3% answered correctly)
  2. Throwball
  3. Catchball
  4. Ballgame

Answer: A 

Q6.) How many players are on the field per team in lacrosse?

  1. 12
  2. 14
  3. 10 (46.2% answered correctly) 
  4. 16

Answer: C 

Q7.) What is a shutout by a goalkeeper in soccer called?

  1. White sheet
  2. Goose egg
  3. Perfect 90
  4. Clean sheet (84.6% answered correctly)

Answer: D 

Q8.) How many sets in volleyball does a team need to win to beat their opponent?

  1. Two 
  2. Four 
  3. Three (100% answered correctly)
  4. Eight 

Answer: C 

Q9.) Which volleyball player wears a different colour uniform from their teammates?

  1. Libero (92.3% answered correctly)
  2. Setter
  3. Middle blocker
  4. Serving specialist

Answer: A

Basketball average score: 7.38/9 points (82%) (B+)

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