September Bingo

25 essential back to school experiences

A bingo sheet labeled
LAYOUT: Josh Ralla / The Peak

By: Charlene Aviles, Staff Writer

Plain text of bingo card:

  • Got caught mimicking airbender moves outside lecture hall
  • Couldn’t carry bag overpacked with Renaissance Coffee snacks
  • Missed a class because you were walking in quadrangles in the AQ
  • Realized you were in the wrong class after finishing the lecture
  • Discovered a raccoon stole your snack
  • Slept in because you forgot classes are synchronous
  • Used your laser pointer as a makeshift lightsaber
  • Ran with a vegetable during a virtual scavenger hunt
  • Awkwardly flirted with McFogg the Dog to make up for lost time
  • Accidentally spilled bubble tea when running to class
  • Spammed class group chat with Shang-Chi memes
  • Showed up to an empty tutorial classroom
  • Argued with a broken vending machine for stealing your change
  • Joined student union games just to get freebies
  • FREE SPACE: Checked your waitlist position (again) 
  • Played cricket sound effects to cope with an online tutorial’s awkward silence
  • Bought enough stationery to open up your own store
  • Advertised your Instagram spam account on Welcome Day
  • Forgot which university year you’re in
  • Matched pyjama pants and a dress shirt for Zoom
  • Hosted a dorm-kitchen cook-off with leftover quarantine snacks
  • Mistakenly swapped luggage on Move-In Day
  • Got lost on campus because SFU Snap misled you
  • Procrastinated getting your student ID
  • Convinced your student mentor to film a TikTok with you

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