Student Union Building completes construction

The building’s opening remains unclear due to COVID-19

PHOTO: Jonathan Wong / The Peak

Written by: Mahdi Dialden, News Writer

The Student Union Building (SUB) is in its final stages of completion. While construction has been completed, its opening is pending final inspection and awaiting health protocols to be deemed safe for students due to COVID-19. 

SFSS President Osob Mohamed shared in an email statement with The Peak, “The Student Union Building has been long-awaited by SFU students, and we are finally reaching the point where the building has been completed, and we will be able to move in and enjoy the building and amenities very soon.”

The construction was completed in late August 2020, and “is now undergoing occupancy inspections that need to be successfully completed before we can occupy the building,” Mohamed stated. There are minor issues that are being resolved before the inspection is set to happen. Mohamed did not elaborate.

The SUB has been delayed numerous times since it’s projected opening. It was set to first open in Fall 2018, then pushed to Summer 2019 due to weather and staffing issues, and then again delayed to March 2020 — the most recent pushback being to Fall 2020. When asked about the delays, Mohamed responded, “Our contractor’s COVID protocols have caused some delays in getting some construction milestones done.” 

The grand opening for the building hasn’t been announced as of now, and COVID-19 alters the plans put in place beforehand. The SFSS is planning on leading up to the opening virtually, due to the pandemic: “This will be through mostly online means, such as digital tours and videos [that] we are hoping to create until we can safely host festivities there,” Mohamed added.

The building will be ready for use as soon as it is safe to do so, while maintaining public health protocols. 

Mohamed concluded with a message to students, “We are thrilled to finally see the SUB project completed and ready for student use in the near future, after so many years of anticipation. It has been a long time coming, but I believe that students will be able to utilize and enjoy it for many, many years to come. It will be a great hub for student groups, activities, study spaces and a place for our students to relax, find community and create memories during their time here at SFU.”


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