SFU announces new album, drops single “Petter Weather”

Academic Integrity marks first finished SFU project in decades

PHOTO EDIT: Maxwell Gawlick / The Peak

Written by Madeleine Chan, Staff Writer, and Paige Riding, News Writer

After four years of hard work on the SUB, SFU is releasing their first album Academic Integrity, out Fall 2020 via British Columbia Records. The group announced the project and played their lead single, “Petter Weather,” with an intimate concert for their fans in the unfinished building. 

Joss Illfuel, one of five attendees and CEO of Trans Canada Energy Corporation, told The Peak that that the song made him “tear up at the mere mention of it.”

“I was so overwhelmed with the quality and care that went into every detail of the song. It really drilled into my head just how great this mountain is at supporting students, and how lucky they are to attend SFU.”

Academic Integrity is being billed as the “most anticipated project at SFU” and a “masterpiece over seven years in the making” by the SFSS. Lead singer of the band Ken Struckshin told The Peak that the project grew out of their desire to “build something great” for the SFU community.

“We really wanted to give back to the students for all of the hard-earned money that they give us. It’s our way of saying thanks to past, current, and future SFU students for their monetary contributions to the school.”

When asked about the process of making the album, Struckshin said that it was “grueling.” 

“Freezing winters, staffing issues, and pandemic precautions all made it so hard to finish the album. One time we couldn’t even get into the studio because it was blocked by a bunch of students trying to get to their classes. It was a nightmare.”

Struckshin clarified that their studio is also located in the SUB.

“It has the best acoustics. We wanted to keep the inside bare and unfinished so that the tracks have that authentic SFU vibe. Empty promises, hollow words.”

Struckshin said that the group is currently planning for their upcoming Engaging the World Tour for when the pandemic “completely” ends and stated that the SUB will be completed “sometime after they get back.”

Academic Integrity is available for pre-order from the SFU Bookstore. “Petter Weather” can be streamed exclusively from the computers in the W.A.C. Bennett Library.

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