Top 5 alluring fragrances to wear on Zoom

It’s time to step up your Zoom game

Photo courtesy of Christin Hume via Unsplash

Written by Michelle Young, Staff Writer

What the hell does “Zoom casual” mean? We’re all still figuring it out. As we put on our best dress shirts and pajama bottoms, we’ve been neglecting something very important: our aroma. Yes, no one can smell us. But that doesn’t mean we can’t spice up our scent for our video-conferencing obligations. Just so we can feel a little flavourful. Here are our top fragrances for you to wear to your next meeting!

Parfum De L’odeur Corporelle 

Currently the most popular fragrance, Parfum D’odeur Corporelle is sure to leave a strong impression. Been locked up doing at-home workouts all day? This musky scent is sure to ooze into your clothes. It’s cruelty-free and made of completely natural ingredients!

Parfum Désinfectant

Parfum Désinfectant is strong, synthetic, and lemony fresh! If you’ve been obsessively cleaning your house because you have nothing better to do, this fragrance is sure to seep into your skin and clothes and ensure that you smell like productivity! 

Olor De Ropa Podrida 

The subtle scent of clothes sitting in the wash too long, Olor De Ropa Podrida clings to your damp garments and remains pungent when they’re dry. Instead of wastefully running your clothes through the wash again, use that foul musty smell as an aura of confidence!

Parfum De Chien 

The scent of cuddling with your rain-soaked dog all day, even though it’s been a while since he had a bath. The scent of loneliness and relief. Wear when you need it most.

Peinture Cologne

All this time at home led you to DIY your entire room and paint the walls. Peinture Cologne is the perfect nauseating scent to maximize productivity — the paint fumes will cling to your clothes, spurring you to move faster and faster about your home in vain hopes of escaping! However, like any fragrance, don’t use too much; you might toss your cookies all over your poor webcam.

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