Get to know your SFSS 2020 candidates – At-Large Representatives

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Compiled by: Kelly Chia, Features Editor

It’s election season for the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS)! The Peak has reached out to candidates to ask three questions based on their positions and compiled the results to help you navigate this election period. Voting this year will take place March 17–19 through SFU Mail.

The SFSS is SFU’s student-led society, representing the entire undergraduate population of the university. Headed by 16 Board of Directors, SFSS members are elected every spring by the student body to hold a one-year term. During this term they manage day-to-day society work, manage large-scale finances, execute university-wide campaigns and projects, and advocate for student interests regarding issues such as the U-Pass, student-centric spaces, and food and beverage services.

Please note that these answers have not been edited for spelling, grammar, or clarity, nor do they reflect the positions of The Peak Publications Society. Candidates were given a limit of 50 words per answer; responses that went over 50 words have been cut short.

This article has been divided by candidate positions. This is for the At-Large Representative candidates. Click here to read the questionnaires for the President, VP External Relations, VP Finance, VP Student Life, VP Student Services, VP University Relations, Faculty Representatives.

At-Large Representatives

The at-large representative position-holders have flexibility in determining which of the Society’s projects they are interested in and would like to join. They support executive directors, hold events, and launch campaigns. Two students are elected to these positions each year.

“Note: At the time of production, The Peak did not receive answers from at-large representative candidates Faiz Bandeali, Rahul Parmar, Geetanjli Sharma, and Harman Shergill.”


1. Why do you want to be a part of the SFSS?
2. What do you think you can contribute with the Board?
3. Which of the SFSS’s initiatives and projects interest you the most and why?

Arnaz Lalani

1. I have always been involved with various initiatives at SFU, which have developed in me an enormous sense of loyalty and commitment. As a 3rd-year SFU student, employee, as well as volunteer, I have observed the many challenges that we face and I firmly believe I can bring positive change.

2. Serving VP Communications for SFU RHA as well as Team Lead at Alumni Calling Campaign with SFU Advancement and Alumni Engagement have developed my communication and leadership skills. As someone with varied experience in effective communication and persuasion, I firmly believe I can be a strong voice for ALL students.

3. The most pressing matters at hand are the increase in tuition fees and the need for scholarships and bursaries. As a Team Lead at SFU Advancement and Alumni Engagement, I have worked towards raising awareness and funds for this cause. My experience with this matter will help make a difference.

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Phum Luckkid

1. As an exec of multiple clubs, all clubs share identical complaints about the SFSS: there aren’t enough bookable rooms, the granting and reimbursement process is archaic, and SFU Catering pizza tastes like cardboard. I want to take action, We’ve been saying this for years yet nobody has fixed these issues.

2. Lawrence Jones, the former SFSS General Office Coordinator told me something that stuck with me forever, “If people have a good idea, why not let them do it?”. Through advocating for more club funding and less restrictive policies regarding events, I wish to bring this spirit back to the SFSS.

3. Although I would like to start my own initiatives (Core funding for clubs) and to support new projects (i.e Peer Support), If elected I would like to rejoin the SFSS University and Academic Affairs committee to continue supporting Open Education Resources (OER) and the Burnaby Mountain Gondola.


Photo: Chris Ho / The Peak

Balqees Jama

1. I want to continue shifting the direction of SFSS to bring it towards prioritizing student advocacy and activism. Our population is diverse – in thoughts, hobbies, cultures, needs – and it is the responsibility of the SFSS to communicate and cater to the needs of different populations on this campus.

2. I will urge SFSS to use equity and intersectionality as a framework for implementing events and services the society provides. I will work with the Board and staff to ensure our student society effectively consults and engages with students by various means outlined in my platform (PDF

3. I wish to make Board town hall semesterly, as VP UR Shina pioneered, continuing the move towards public voting records and overall transparency, as pushed for by Osob. I’m excited about SFSS’ involvement in direct action in support of climate justice; solidarity with Wet’suwet’en and taking stances with human rights.

Harleen Seehra

1. I believe that everything needs consistent improvement over time, and with respect to the SFSS it’s time for more changes. With that being said, this would be a lifetime opportunity for me to help others, along with helping myself learn how to serve our community.

  1. With my past experience in volunteering for multiple non-profit organizations in the Greater Vancouver area, I believe I have the qualities of a leader and someone who is consistently dedicated to the people in my community. I also love helping individuals with achieving their goals in life 🙂

3. One of the projects I’m looking forward to participate in is the upcoming student union building! The new building will bring a sense of togetherness at SFU, and will help create a family-like bond within the undergraduates here!


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