Get to know your 2020 SFSS candidates – VP Student Services

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Compiled by: Kelly Chia, Features Editor

It’s election season for the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS)! The Peak has reached out to candidates to ask three questions based on their positions and compiled the results to help you navigate this election period. Voting this year will take place March 17–19 through SFU Mail.

The SFSS is SFU’s student-led society, representing the entire undergraduate population of the university. Headed by 16 Board of Directors, SFSS members are elected every spring by the student body to hold a one-year term. During this term they manage day-to-day society work, manage large-scale finances, execute university-wide campaigns and projects, and advocate for student interests regarding issues such as the U-Pass, student-centric spaces, and food and beverage services.

Please note that these answers have not been edited for spelling, grammar, or clarity, nor do they reflect the positions of The Peak Publications Society. Candidates were given a limit of 50 words per answer; responses that went over 50 words have been cut short.

This article has been divided by candidate positions. This is for the VP Student Services candidates. Click here to read the questionnaires for the President, VP External Relations, VP Finance, VP Student Life, VP University Relations, At-Large Representatives, Faculty Representatives.

VP Student Services

The vice-president student services works on behalf of the Board on services that affect SFU students. Duties that fall under this position include acting as lead on SFSS services such as the U-Pass, overseeing the SFSS Health and Dental Plan, and supporting and communicating with the departments that provide these services. This position also assumes responsibilities of the president in case of absence.


1. What is one area in which SFU is lacking in services, and how do you intend to address the issue?
2. What would be your main goal to focus on during your time in this position?
3. Given the recent issues of safety on campus, what would you do to improve these conditions and address students’ concerns?

Prince Cheema

  1. SFU needs to address their current by-laws in regards to mental health support. With egregious wait times and lack of resources, change is required. I will collaborate with existing groups on campus who have taken initiatives and the university to create a set of by-laws to better address this situation.
  2. Student Services is a multi-functional role, but one goal would be to support neglected groups and clubs on campus. SFU is lucky to have diversity in-regards to the groups on campus and my goal would be to further support these groups, and resolve issues which may have been ignored previously.
  3. Safety is a reoccurring issue which needs to be addressed by all parties and by-laws. Currently, the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy is not enforced strongly enough to cover all SFU classrooms. I will advocate consent culture by working with students, staff, and admin to make SFU a safer environment.
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Matthew Provost

  1. I think the food bank is a service that is under utilized, and students are being underserved. I plan to work towards setting a goal to help support food security for students. I want to make the food bank a service that works for SFU students who need it.
  2. I want to definitely work towards ensuring that all of our services are based on equity, diversity, and inclusion. I want to work towards making all of our services accessible due to the diverse needs of students. We cannot have a one size fits all approach to our services.
  3. Looking at specific events in the past year I definitely think we need to ensure communication is key. We need to find adequate ways of addressing extreme cases of safety or anything that can be a concern for students as soon as possible.

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