Album Reviews

By: Kim Regala


Premonitions by Miya Folick

After three long years of only releasing EPs, Miya Folick has finally come out with her debut album, and it is breathtaking.

Premonitions showcases just how powerful and wide Folick’s vocal range is. She starts with “Thingamajig,” a haunting ballad that is sure to make hearts cry through her angelic vocals. Unlike the first song, the rest of the album is more uplifting, having less to do with tears and more to do with empowerment. Most songs carry the same falsetto sounds, but “Stock Image” is where we truly witness the heights of Folick’s vocal range. “Freak Out,” on the other hand, features grungier vocals as she resorts to a raspier sound and a screaming technique.

However, “Leave the Party” is the tune that truly stands out. Not only does the song feature Folick’s skillful voice, but it’s filled with high spirits and it centres around the importance of individual choice.


Mirror Master by Young the Giant

Young the Giant has had an impressive collection of albums in their career so far, and their fourth release, Mirror Master, continues that streak.

The album starts off with “Superposition,” an upbeat tune with hints of melancholy, which sets the overall tone of what’s to come. Through this song, we can see how the band has matured in their music-making while still remaining true to their recognizable sound.

However, “Mirror Master” definitely claims the award for Best Track in this 45-minute set. The electric guitar mixed with layers of percussion instruments make for a really catchy beat that is difficult not to dance to.

That being said, while the album doesn’t exactly fail to impress, Young the Giant played it safe this time. The rest of the songs bring nothing nothing new to their tracks in previous albums. However, “Mirror Master” does still manage to remain enjoyable regardless of how familiar these tracks may feel.