Irene Lo / The Peak

Board approves funds for 2018–9 board jackets

The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Board of Directors passed a motion to “approve the total of $1,128.33 for board jackets.”

     The jackets are purchased each year for Board members, according to SFSS president Jas Randhawa, and are emblazoned with the SFSS logo and individual Board members’ names. “[These jackets] are great tools for engagement when [Board members] are out on Clubs Days or any kind of SFSS-related events,” said Randhawa.


Catering list for clubs and DSUs to be published

Following the approval of the motion to “remove all restrictions on student catering” during the Board of Directors meeting held on April 6, the Board approved a motion in the latest meeting to publish a list of available caterers for student clubs and Departmental Student Unions (DSUs) to refer to when they host events in SFSS spaces.

     “Catering that we are going to be paying for in some way, shape, or form, or approving as an organization, it is important to know that it comes from a licensed, commercial establishment that has a proper kitchen and that it’s on campus,” said SFSS Chief Executive Officer Martin Wyant during the discussion of the motion. “If people are going to not use SFU [catering], then they need to use somebody that’s been licensed to be operating either on UniverCity or on our campus. Because presumably they will have met the standards that SFU traditionally sets.”

     Wyant further noted that student groups booking rooms or open spaces from SFU may need to agree to the provision that they would still be using SFU’s Meeting, Events and Conference Services (MECS) catering.

     For SFSS spaces, however, student groups are now permitted to obtain catering from any restaurant on campus, including UniverCity and Cornerstone.


Funds allocated towards design of Forum Chambers

The Board approved the motion of allocating $20,000 from their space expansion fund to pay for the initial redesign of Forum Chambers.

     The funds would pay for “an initial piece of design work,” a statement which Wyant provided context for: “SFU will bring in some support — architecture support — that they need to pay for in order to take some time and develop a basic design that will see that space that’s currently there into a space that can house both the [CJSF] radio station and [ThePeak.”

     The $20,000 cost estimate was provided by SFU Facilities, with $12,500 being used towards paying the architect, and the remaining $7,500 reserved for other consultants that may be required during the design.

     Environment representative Russell Dunsford asked about the fate of Veggie Lunch, the vegan lunch service that is set up in Forum Chambers three times a week. Wyant responded, “it’s just been an off-the-books relationship with [Veggie Lunch] a little bit. If the radio station goes in there, then yes, we’d have to tell those guys that they would need to find somewhere else on campus to go.”

     Applied sciences representative Kia Mirsalehi also mentioned the dance and music groups that often book Forum Chambers due to its mirrors and piano. It was clarified that the new Student Union Building would have a rehearsal room, which would be equipped with mirrors and a hardwood dance floor, to which these groups could relocate.