How to Spend A Night at … The Shipyards

Exploring the night market on the quay

PHOTO: Yasmin Hassan / The Peak

By: Yasmin Hassan, Staff Writer

When the monotonous heat and light of day subside into a warm summer night, where do the people go? One fond memory I have of last summer was spending my Friday nights in North Vancouver’s Lonsdale, immersing myself in The Shipyards Night Market. Coming back this year, it seemed like everyone had the same idea, because it was as bustling as ever! 

Walking into the outdoor space, you’re immediately greeted with the smell of fresh kettle corn and a gentle breeze that pecks your face with crisp sea air. Music surrounds you, whether it’s avidly booming from the main stage in the center, or from the food trucks while you wait in line. Speaking of which, let’s delve into the different delicacies they offered, shall we?

The market has quite a few food trucks to choose from. My friend and I started our culinary journey at Midnight Joe’s, where we got Lil Joe’s, consisting of two sliders and chips, which were perfect for sharing. Next, the sight of tacos from the Tex-Mex food truck Dos Amigos caught our attention, so we ordered three chicken tacos which were incredibly juicy and had the perfect kick of spice. Feeling parched, we embarked on a scavenger hunt for an ice-cold drink, finally finding a lemon-shaped stand that belonged to Lemon Heaven. After refreshing ourselves, we decided to end our savoury escapades with a classic dog from Street Dogs. All the while, songs performed by blues and rock stunner HB Wild were coming from the center stage, providing a groovy soundtrack for our exploration! (P.S. they have different performers every Friday!)

Sitting on the dock of the quay and admiring the people, the water, and the sounds of music playing softly far away, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Friday night!”

When it comes to vendors and stalls, you can find almost anything your heart desires: artisanal candles, handmade knick-knacks of all sorts, or even a delicious duck chili oil! They also host the Granville Flea Market, a pop-up vintage and thrifted clothing store. The whole place is chock-filled with rows of all kinds of stuff that is definitely worth checking out. 

One of the most interesting parts was walking through the local pop-up market presented by Made in the 604, which hosts over 50 small business vendors. Inside, we came across stalls like Connie’s Cravings and Cookies by John, both of which offer a variety of baked goods to quell a sweet tooth. Some retail vendors that caught my attention were Luna & Venus and Butterflies in Ballgowns who both offer high-quality, handmade, sustainable fashion pieces. I also found Bahoo Ceramic School and Lethal Lites Candles, each home to the most adorable selection of ceramic pieces and hand-poured soy candles, respectively. If I could, I would get a bit of everything!

A small bag of caramel kettle corn from Gary’s Kettle Corn to finish off the now cool summer evening was all that we needed. Sitting on the dock of the quay and admiring the people, the water, and the sounds of music playing softly far away, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Friday night! All of these establishments were open until late — around 10:00 p.m. — so there was plenty of time to enjoy. If you’re like me, looking for amusing places to go during the summer that won’t break the bank, The Shipyards Night Market is the place for you!

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