Why am I paying for parking when there are no spots

So many cars, so little spots

A very crowded parking lot at SFU
PHOTO: Afsaneh Keivanshekouh / The Peak

By: Kaja Antic, Sports Writer

I am not a fan of parking lots in the slightest, but especially when it comes to the stress of SFU parking lots.

Why is it nearly impossible to find parking anywhere on campus? The East Lot is MASSIVE, the North Lot is decently sized, and we have big parkades, but not one free spot in sight? 

Yes, I know it does get less crowded as the semester goes on. Yes, I know some hours and days are busier than others. But every year I’ve attended SFU, I’ve noticed a worrying amount of people circling the parking lots like sharks, trying to find the last remaining spots. 

One time, I got to campus at a reasonable time, and was unable to park my car ANYWHERE upon arriving. I searched every tier of the North Lot, circled the East Lot, went through every parkade level, and finally, FINALLY, found parking in the Residence West Lot — a 20 minute walk from where my class was.

It’s ridiculous a commuter school can barely provide parking for commuting students. I am very pro-transit, but it is very unreliable in my area and I prefer to, y’know, attend the classes I pay for on time. 

Also, on the topic of paying for stuff, why do I pay for parking in the first place? I already pay thousands in tuition and additional fees, so why do I have to pay for expensive daily parking or a semesterly permit that costs hundreds of dollars? I’m a college student, not Jeff Bezos — cut me some slack. 

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