What Grinds Our Gears: Increasingly extreme weather

The weather as it relates to global warming, two things that can be complained about in Raincouver

Some struggling in the rain, with an umbrella being blown away
PHOTO: Dziana Hasanbekava / Pexels

By: Sharon Ha, SFU Student

What’s wrong with you, Vancouver? Why can’t you be mild like you were advertised to be? People come here looking for a mild climate with gentle seasons — it’s called a temperate  rainforest for a reason, you know. Whats with the water spouts and the five second thunder-and-lightning storms? First, it’s humid enough to make my hair frizzy and hot enough to burn patches of my skin. Then, it becomes so dreary and foggy that we have to cultivate zen-like inner peace just to make it through the bitter winter.

The increasing intensity of the sun is also pretty worrying. Global warming fries our overwrought brains with searing 40-degree summers. The erratic weather has us all types of itchy and sensitive in Vancouver, with weather patterns flip-flopping between hot and cold.  I just want this city to go back to its pristine, mellow self. 

Vancouver, your weather is more sensitive than the course planning of a student under academic probation — get it together!

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