Bright-er side: The rain

Rain is good, actually

Rain rolling down a window
PHOTO: Josh Hild / Pexels

By: Michelle Young, Opinions Editor

When we enter the fall season, everyone starts grouching about the weather. It’s “too rainy,” it’s “too dark,” and it’s “too cold.” I, for one, have had enough of these complaints. I’ve always liked our gloomy, rainy city, and I’m tired of listening to the same grievances every year. 

The rain is good for our city. It can improve our air quality and is necessary for life and agriculture. While the sun might provide nourishment — it can burn you, too. When reading about BC’s summers becoming drier and experiencing more droughts, I wonder if less rain is really what we want. 

The rain is ambient. You can listen to it hit the concrete sidewalks, pitter-patter on your umbrella, or get washed away by windshield wipers. It smells refreshing. It’s entirely my preference if I had to pick between a cool, rainy day and hot, sweaty one. We don’t appreciate the rain enough, and it’s time we gave it some credit for all its beauty. 

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