What Grinds our Gears: A hate letter to my Wi-Fi stick

I want to play games, not rewire my Wi-Fi system

The wi-fi symbol
PHOTO: Dreamlike Street / Unsplash

By: Kelly Chia, Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever wanted to play a game, only to realize it would take you three whole days to download said game? Hopefully not. My Wi-Fi stick does, though. And I don’t want to hear that I can just try and figure out how to wire ethernet up from the living room to my bedroom, because, frankly, I am not a woman of solutions. I just want to complain that it takes me two days to download an update to Genshin Impact. How can I live, laugh, love in these trying times when I keep getting spoiler fanart for the latest storyline?! It takes so long for my computer to load games that usually I just give up and go to sleep. I know this is fixable, but I’m too afraid to open up my computer to replace the ancient Wi-Fi stick in there. Really, this is a complaint more of my own hubris, but for this brief article, please give me (1) sympathy.

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