Professors with arbitrary limits on grades.

There is nothing more disappointing than working hard and knowing you’ll never crack an A

Teacher grading papers
PHOTO: Scott Graham, UnSplash

By: Nercya Kalino, Staff Writer

Ever leave a negative review for a professor on Rate My Professors? There are only a handful of legitimate gripes on the site, but near the top of the list would be the professor who’ll come out and tell you they don’t believe in awarding students anything higher than a B+. Is it because they’re a jerk? Or is it because they suck as a teacher? It’s hard to tell but usually, it’s both. 

During those cursed semesters with those profs-of-the-damned, you’ll be sitting at your desk, your mind screaming and your eyes hurting after staring at some assignment that you’ve put your all into knowing fully well that your prof will never allow it to rise beyond their rectally-yanked grade cap. 

What’s even worse are the professors who guarantee, on the first day of lecture, that half their students will fail the course, or fall below 70%, or some other dire warning about where most of the class’ marks will fall. If it’s true, then they’re not a very good teacher, are they!?

One of the most heart-wrenching things a student can do is study hard, work hard, and produce good work, only to be swatted down by an out-of-touch professor who’s looking for a way to make their course more important than it is. Give me a mother forkin,’ goddamn A-. Or higher. But the A- would be nice.