Monday Music: Songs to say good-bye to summer to

It’s Latin American Heritage month — but these tracks are good all year

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By: Michelle Young, Editor-in-Chief

Autumn comes with purple skies, early sunsets, and a crisp wind. To me, fall means oversized hoodies and introspection while the trees shed their leaves. Growing up Latina, listening to Spanish makes me feel comforted: it warms me up like café con leche. To match the melancholic weather, I put together a few cozy songs to listen to on a cool evening drive or chilly September morning. 

“Descifrar” by maye 

Starting off with a smooth beat, maye’s gentle voice compliments the mellow guitar chords in the background. She coos about wanting to find her own happiness, and “sail in other seas” to heal herself. Vocals blur together in harmony to conclude the pensive track, a perfect complement to self-examination and new beginnings. 

“Un Millón” by The Marías  

For a groovy, synth-heavy track, and enchanting vocals, look no further. Lead singer María Zardoya, begins sweetly, singing about a great romance and dancing skin-to-skin. The song builds itself up with upbeat ambience and clear electronics for an atmospheric song to pair with autumn evenings.

“Decir Adios” by CUCO 

Piano chords blend together for this reflective track as CUCO remembers a past relationship. He sings about how “there’s no easy way to say good-bye.” Slowly, strings and percussion are introduced, and hymns of harmonies lead into “the days when the sky cries and tears flood the city.” The song asks for the heavens to guide his partner’s heart, breaking into a fierce guitar solo. 

“LA MEMORIA” by Jessie Reyez

This passionate track embodies the pain of trying to forget a toxic partner. Reyez reminisces as she cries, “You need to lose a war, you need to find a twin, who breaks your heart, who leaves you in sorrow.” The background vocals are haunting, layered neatly behind Reyez’ outspoken narration of being unable to forget. 

“BUEN DIA” by Becky G.

Beginning with upbeat piano, strong vocals, and complemented by brass — this song is about getting back on your feet. “They also broke my heart, they talked about me without reason, I don’t care,” is sung fearlessly, blended into the beat. Filled with empowerment, take on the new season with the “desire to eat the world.” 

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