Top Ten ways to recover from a fall

Don’t just break your fall, own it

a big thumbs up
A solid thumbs up after your great recovery. PHOTO: Johan Godínez/Unsplash

By: Charlene Aviles, Staff Writer

1. Pretend to propose

Since you’re on the ground already, you might as well just stay on your knees and start proposing to the person in front of you. Say they got you so excited you decided to wait and buy the ring later. The awkwardness of the moment may prompt a yes. Will they take it back later? Probably. But for now, congratulations you two!

2. Pick up lines

If you trip in front of your crush, save the day with an “I’m falling for you” type of pick-up line. Why wait to slide into their DMs when you have the opportunity to stumble into them right now? 

3. Push-ups

Everyone loves a fitness buff. Pretend you planned to get in position to start your workout routine and no one will question the dedication of your athleticism. Throw in a couple phrases like “Go big or go home!” or “Make the city your gym,” and you’re sure to get applause. 

4. Blame the slippery floor

If there’s a wet floor sign, this works out perfectly. But if there isn’t one, there’s probably one somewhere, right? I’m sure you and your lawyer can come up with something.

5. Freestyle 

People might say you fell, but no one can say there’s a right or wrong way to dance. Just pretend the fall was part of your choreography routine! No one will ever know — they’ll be too busy being moved to tears by your wonderful performance. 

6. Stay hidden

Bushes are great because you can hide from people as well as your own clumsiness. So, find a nearby bush and wait until everyone passes before you stand up. If you so choose, this also gives you a chance to plan out how to prank the people passing by.


7. Take a nap

Since you’re already down, get comfortable and take a nap. Everyone’s tired, they’ll get it. 



8. Stretch

Did you know no one can tell the difference between someone falling and someone trying to touch their toes? After sitting in class all day, your muscles start to feel stiff anyway, might as well get some deep relaxation while you’re down!


9. Somersault

When you fall, amaze your audience by doing a rad somersault. Be sure to yell “HARDCORE PARKOUR!” too if you want to really show them you’re a professional. 


10. Own it

Smile when you pick yourself up off the floor. Hold your head high. Everyone falls every now and then. It’s OK!