Monday Music: Songs to listen to when you realize you’re in a toxic relationship with your university

SFU refuses to let me leave with a degree and it's starting to feel a little obsessive

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Marco Ovies, Features Editor

SFU refuses to let me leave with a degree and it’s starting to feel a little obsessive. Despite trying to do everything right, my degree keeps getting extended one semester at a time. I get it, I’m a wonderful student but I just want to graduate. Yet SFU has me in their money-hungry hands. I’m stuck paying another $2,000 every four months and I feel like I get nothing in return. So whenever I feel especially taken advantage of by this institution, I listen to these songs.

Come Around” by Peter McPoland

Image: Courtesy of Columbia Records

Maybe one day my professors will come around and actually let me graduate. But until that time comes, I listen to the unique vocals of Peter McPoland. While the song sounds generally happy, the lyrics are a bit less inspirational when listened to carefully. The song starts with hopeful guitar, synths, and the words, “Hey, are you ready to go?” Yes Peter, I am ready to go. Please pick me up so I can leave this school.

Grade A” by spill tab

Image courtesy of Spill Tab

Just the title of this song reminds me of the grades I used to get back in high school. Now, this is a distant fantasy. As long as I’m getting a C in my class, I am extremely pleased. I relate even more when singer Claire Chicha says, “I’ll never be your grade A” as her first line. However, I don’t think SFU cares that I will never be their grade A student, as long as they get my money.

Something to Believe In” by Young the Giant

Image courtesy of Fueled by Ramen LLC

This song especially reminds me of the good old days when Zoom lectures were still a thing. Despite needing something to believe in, there’s one line in particular that really hits home. “Is there a reason why I’m still awake?” is what I think to myself everytime my professor forgot to turn on his mic for the first 10 minutes of lecture. You would think the class spamming the Zoom chat would have helped, but he conveniently ignored us every time.

Lost Track” by HAIM

Image courtesy of Haim Productions Inc.

This song starts with a melody reminiscent of a child’s music box. I like to think of this as a representation of the childhood I have lost since I started at SFU. Gradually, more is added to the track. I would compare that to me gaining my degree . . . if I had a degree. Lead singer Este Haim sings “I’ll never get back what I lost track of,” which is what I say when I look back at all the credits I took that didn’t give me any life skills.

Losing Touch” by Laterdays

Image courtesy of laterdays

This whole song encapsulates how I have felt as my years have progressed at SFU. “Feels like we’re losing touch, we’re talking just not enough” reminds me of my academic advisor, who takes weeks to respond to my email with a one sentence answer. Otherwise, this is a very calm and relaxing track that, when I don’t listen to the lyrics too hard, relieves some of the five years of stress I’ve built up.

At the End of the Day” by Wallows

Image courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corporation

At the end of the day, I just want to graduate (have I mentioned that yet?). This song is softer than the others in this list — perfect for accepting defeat and slumping into bed. Singer Braeden Lemasters tells listeners, “If you wanted I would never call you, never think about it, never let you go,” which is what SFU seems to think I have said anytime I apply to graduate.

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