Monday Music: Slow jams to groove to while sipping your morning coffee

Pair your caramel macchiato with a smooth blend of R&B

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Makena Leyh, SFU Student

Whether it’s a doubleshot blonde shaken espresso from my favourite local café or the watered-down dark roast my partner brewed two hours ago, coffee is a necessary part of my wake up routine. However you get your daily dose of caffeine, why not sit back and savour your morning pick-me-up? Enjoy the start of your day with this sweet playlist of easy listening tunes.

“Ugotme” by Omar Apollo

Image courtesy of Omar Apollo

This song is short but sweet, similar to an espresso con panna. Apollo packs a healthy serving of bluesy guitar riffs and silky smooth vocals into this lovesick tune, which sits at only two minutes and seven seconds. The song follows Apollo as he surrenders his attempts convincing himself he’s “barely in love” to admit his love interest “takes his breath away.” From beginning to end, “Ugotme” is carried by a strong, steady beat that is absolutely addictive to listen to. If the jazzy guitar and sappy lyrics still don’t have you convinced, then maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

“Just Friends” by Amy Winehouse

Image courtesy of Universal Island Records Ltd.

If you don’t know and love the late British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse from her 2000s hits like “Rehab” or “You Know I’m No Good,” then you are definitely missing out! Seriously though, were you living under a rock in 2006? Maybe you were just a baby then, but that’s no excuse to avoid Winehouse’s unforgettable voice for all these years. “Just Friends” might not have hit the charts as hard as her other songs on the Back To Black album, but this reggae-inspired tune definitely deserves a spot on your playlist now. Winehouse’s expressive and soulful vocals layer perfectly on top of the laid-back rhythm, just like the foam on the top of your cappuccino.

“Every Kind Of Way” by H.E.R.

Image courtesy of RCA Records

H.E.R. is the queen of producing sexy slow jams, and this one can be paired wonderfully with a hot and steamy caffé mocha, or maybe even a flat white. Honestly, this mellow track will go well with whatever you’re drinking this morning, even if it’s an iced oat milk latte. The song is fantastic in every kind of way (see what I did there?), from the seamlessly flowing beat and bassline to the passionate and vulnerable lyricism. “Every Kind Of Way” makes it easy to envision a romanticised morning with your love; sunlight pouring in through the blinds, freshly-washed pyjamas, and — of course — good coffee.

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