Monday Music: Songs for when you feel like the main character

Embrace your need for attention with this playlist

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Cristina Liao, SFU Student

You know that feeling when you wish the whole world was yours? When you want to be the main character? This is the soundtrack I’ve created to fuel all those self-centred dreams.

1) “You Don’t Even Know Me” by Faouzia

Image courtesy of Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

Faouzia is a Moroccan Canadian singer-songwriter with an incredibly strong set of lungs. Although she does not have an album yet, her songwriting ability is top tier. This particular single is about how people judge you when they don’t even know you. With powerful lyrics, vocals, and production, this should be a go-to song when you feel angry, in a mood, or just plain powerful. It’s one of those pieces you scream-sing during carpool karaoke or when you know you’re all that.

2) “I Don’t Miss You at All” by FINNEAS

Image courtesy of OYOY

FINNEAS is probably one of my all time favourite singers and producers. Aside from producing for his sister Billie Eilish, he has his own album Optimist coming out in October 2021. “I Don’t Miss You at All” is a song off of Blood Harmony. It’s perfect for your main character fantasies because it’s about being angry after a breakup, but in a dignified way. FINNEAS sings about how he doesn’t miss his ex-lover, but in reality is still dreaming about them. With lyrics like, “But I won’t / break down at 2:00 a.m. and call / ‘Cause I don’t / miss you at all,” this song encompasses the classiness one would expect from a main character.

3) “Stars Are on Your Side” by Ross Copperman

Image courtesy of Ross Copperman

Ross Copperman is known for his work on The Vampire Diaries soundtrack and songs he’s written for artists such as Blake Shelton. “Stars Are on Your Side” is one of his singles from 2019 and has a very indie, but also melancholy, feel to it. It’s one of those songs you listen to on the bus on a rainy day, staring out the window while contemplating your main-character-worthy life. I also imagine it being placed at the end of a movie, where the protagonist is having a big “realization” moment and is fighting against all odds to get to their lover. This beautiful and upbeat song is something that definitely deserves a listen.

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