Monday Music: Placebos to kick-start your day

A list of songs to make you move around

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Subaig Bindra, SFU Student

Starting your day on the right note can be tough, especially if you have things to do like studying for finals. Here are some songs to infuse joy into your work day. 

“Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel

Image courtesy of Peter Gabriel Ltd

Performed by the original lead singer of Genesis, “Sledgehammer” imparts a boost of excitement with a groove consisting of an animated horn section plus a hypnotic bassline. Listening to this song will make you whirl a little!

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“Pretty Pimpin” by Kurt Vile

Image courtesy of Matador Records

This song is a ride that makes me forget things beyond my control and go with the flow. I semi-relate to the vibe of him saying “all I want is to just have fun, live my life like a son of a gun.” Vile keeps things easy yet extraordinary with a melody that lingers on and makes me feel silly and carefree.

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Autre temps” by Alcest (French)

Image courtesy of Prophecy

I can do pretty much anything with Alcest playing in the background. Listening to their music can make me pause and ruminate or focus more on my work. The dynamics of the song change between serene post-rock-influenced sounds to raging storms of blackgaze compositions. The band’s music is a creative influence and the reason I try to learn any French!

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“Luoto” by Omnium Gatherum

Image courtesy of Lifeforce

I got a chance to witness this melodic death metal band perform live at the Rickshaw Theatre in pre-pandemic times. The heavy and highly melodic guitar riffs amplified the surge of ecstasy I felt. In my opinion, metal is just classical music with electricity! “Luoto” is a moving instrumental intro to an album with an existential theme.

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“Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin

Image courtesy of Swan Song Inc.

I can’t compile this list of songs without including Led Zeppelin. I think some artists have been really important in influencing what came after their works. Led Zeppelin is definitely one of them. While I believe every song and album of theirs is great, “Ramble On” instills a mysterious effect on me as I move around in rapture. The band has an astonishing quality of expressing a multitude of feelings with their songs, and “Ramble On” is no different.

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