SFU Student Updates: June 7–13

An update for struggling students

Siloam Yeung / The Peak

By: Nathan T, Peak Associate

Key Updates

SFU campus to remain a source of reassuring consistency

We understand that the upcoming fall semester will be a time of transition and uncertainty for all. As such, SFU is committed to ensuring returning students’ comfort when in-person classes and activities return. We have ensured that nothing has changed since March 2020. Yes, nothing. The Vancouver campus still has insufficient study space, the Surrey campus still hasn’t cleaned the games room, and the top of Burnaby Mountain is still freezing. Welcome back!

The Community Shuttle has been discontinued

Due to the pandemic, the SFU Burnaby campus community shuttle was discontinued. As fall rolls around, it will still not be in service. We recommend members of the SFU community use TransLink’s bus services if going from end to end on campus. We especially recommend it for students who were brazen enough to put a Blusson Hall class and a WMC class next to each other on their schedules. You’ll still be late, though — legend says that Edmund Hillary used the Saywell stairs to train for his Everest expedition. 


The glorious Winter of 2021-2022

Looking beyond Fall 2021, SFU is pleased to announce that both new and returning students alike will be able to enjoy the full SFU experience this winter. The full SFU experience, of course, is when heavy snowfall ceases bus operations and forces the Burnaby campus to close when classes are still in progress. There’s nothing that says SFU more than huddling with strangers at a bus stop for six hours before you realize that you will never, ever get off this mountain.

Appointment of new Board member

As part of SFU’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, the university is taking steps to ensure equitable representation among its leadership. To that end, we would like all students, faculty, and staff to give a warm welcome to our first raccoon director of the Board. We are continuing the search for a deer, crow, and bear director to ensure that all beings will have a voice in university affairs. If anyone has suggestions on how to get plants and fungi into meetings, please let us know. At SFU, we believe that all living creatures should have a say in university decisions and affairs since we are all part of the Burnaby Mountain ecosystem. All community members, including the legion of mice that lived in my dorm room in first year, are encouraged to attend the hearings.

Employment and volunteer opportunities

Wayfinder volunteers

Returning students, this is your chance to demonstrate leadership and commitment to civic wellness. We are looking for wayfinders for new students on campus. Volunteers should be able to find the best food on all campuses, have been to the Vancouver campus at least once (since no one actually goes there, passing by it counts!), and be able to navigate the depths of the RCB. If you can’t find The Peak‘s office, it’s okay — neither can we.

Interior designers! We need you

The SUB (Student Union Building) is complete after 20 years of construction; however, the inside still requires a drastic makeover. The School of Interactive Arts and Technology is hiring up to five interior designers who demonstrate a thorough knowledge of Bauhaus style and Queer Eye, though applicants who do not believe that Bobby Berk is the best member of the Queer Eye team will be rejected. Since we don’t offer an interior design program here at SFU, actual experience is not required. These interior designers will be asked to examine the SUB to see if it truly sparks joy. Applicants with 3+ years of design experience on The Sims will be given preference!