Student accidentally failing class they didn’t even know they were enrolled in

PSYC 241 graced everyone’s emails with its presence. But for this student, it didn’t stop there

PHOTO: Ahmed Ali / The Peak

By: Devana Petrovic, Staff Writer

SFU student and film major, Khan Fuzon, recently came forward with a complaint to SFU administration regarding a course mix-up. According to Fuzon, after the university accidentally enrolled several students in PSYC 241, he, against all odds, remained enrolled in the course after the situation appeared cleared up. 

“I don’t know, dawg. I’ve been going to this class since the semester started. It was on my schedule and all, so obviously I went. I guess it just didn’t occur to me that abnormal psychology has nothing to do with film,” Fuzon said in an interview with The Peak.

Fuzon explained how the incident was fuelled by his gradual fall into existential dread after the transition to online learning in the spring. He also noted that the online versions of his courses had merely become automatic figments in his day-to-day life, unrecognizable as assets to his search for knowledge. He would probably have remained in the course for the rest of the semester if he had not received an email from a confused TA. 

“Hi Khan,” the TA’s email began. “I’ve noticed that you haven’t handed in any assignments this semester, just an astonishingly in-depth analysis of Shrek 2. I want to remind you that this is a psychology course and am also wondering if you are going to continue in the course, considering your current grade?”

The student attended both the lectures and tutorials for the course, but has been so mindlessly uninvested that he never picked up on the course’s vastly different content. He added that the professor played a video clip in the first lecture, so he didn’t think much of it. 

“I dunno, both classes were talking about gatekeepers. I was used to Tarantino apologists in my major. What’s the difference between a guy liking feet and a guy who thinks everyone wants to fuck their mom or whatever?”

He wasn’t surprised to discover he was enrolled in a class he didn’t sign up for, since “nothing is surprising anymore, especially at SFU.” 

“Nothing matters anymore,” the fourth-year student sulked. “At this point, I’ll attend any lecture as long as I just get the cardboard pizza box in the mail with my diploma in it.” 

When asked about the hundreds of Canvas emails others mistakenly enrolled in the course sent, Fuzon said, “Yeah haha, I don’t check that shit anymore.” He said he only happened to check his email after using his SFU email for a free trial of a sketchy streaming website when he stumbled upon the notifications from the course. 

“The worst part is that SFU charged me in tuition fees for the course,” complained Fuzon, “and I’m failing pretty harcore.” 

The film major complained to SFU about the enrollment accident, explaining that he “straight-up didn’t notice” the extra course on his Canvas homepage. After spending several hours emailing his complaint and not receiving a response of any sort, Fuzon has simply accepted the course failure, saying that “it is what it is.”