SFU releases Senate and Board of Governors results

Long-delayed election results sees SFU Progressives win all positions

SFU's current Board of Governors

By: Paige Riding, News Writer

After a delay in results for the 2020 Board of Governors and Senate elections, the results were finally posted on the morning of March 13 on SFU’s website. According to Electoral Officer Steven Noel, results were delayed due to electoral complaints that were under consideration.

For the Board of Governors (BOG), one undergraduate and one graduate student will fill positions for the new term. Corbett Gildersleve and Alexandra Gunn will represent the undergraduate and graduate student bodies on the BOG, respectively. 

The Senate Graduate Studies Committee (SGSC) welcomes graduate students Daniel Lam (Arts and Social Sciences) and Kris Nordgren (Education) for the new term.

Notably, all five members of the group of students that informally called themselves SFU Progressives won their seats on both bodies. Members included Gildersleve, Gabe Liosis, Nafoni Modi, Osob Mohamed, and Samad Raza. 

Gildersleve spoke to The Peak about the election results.

“I’m really happy for all the support I’ve received, online, personally, all the people that endorsed me and voted for me — I’m just really grateful. I promise I’ll work very hard on the Board of Governors starting in June.”

Gildersleve also indicated that he hoped that SFU would publicly release the vote counts and electoral complaints. 

“The complaints against me ended up being completely baseless because there was no evidence. But I don’t know if SFU will ever do that. I’m more for transparency.”

Senate members from June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021 were elected as follows:

Bryan Daniel (UG) Applied Sciences
Harry Preet Singh (UG) Applied Sciences
Corbett Gildersleve (UG) Arts and Social Sciences
Daniel Lam (G) Arts and Social Sciences 
Gabe Liosis (UG) Arts and Social Sciences
Candy Nguyen (UG) Arts and Social Sciences
Sarah Lord Ferguson (G) Business
Abhi Parmar (UG) Business
Tanishvir Singh (UG) Business
Samad Raza (UG) Communication, Art and Technology 
Alan Wong (UG) Communication, Art and Technology
Alexandra Gunn (G) Education
Susan Luu (UG) Education
Nafoni Modi (UG) Health Sciences
Osob Mohamed (UG) Health Sciences
Allan Lam (UG) Science

There were no nominees from the Faculty of Environment.