SFU PARODY POEMS: “Shall I Compare Thee to a Cloudy Day?”

Written by Ben McGuinness, Peak Associate

Shall I compare thee to a cloudy day?

Thou art more dreary and more concrete:

Rough weather does slow the bus to the bay,

And its capacity is short of seats;

Sometime too long the staircases are to climb,

And often the long readings we do skim;

And every career fair seems to decline,

The chance, for students taking courses, slim;

But thy operating costs shall be paid,

Nor lose possession of the debts we ow’st;

Co-ops and TA-ships art available in spades,

When steady employment we need’st most:

     So long as they can read, or pay their fees,

     So long lives this, the student’s reality.


Adapted from “Sonnet 18,” William Shakespeare