Peak Sports Mailbag: Spring 2020 Recalibration

Ask and answer both SFU and non-SFU related sports questions

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By: Dylan Webb, Sports Editor

Dear readers of The Peak sports section,

My name is Dylan Webb, and I’m The Peak’s Sports Editor. I’m writing to you today to discuss the evolution of the Peak Sports Mailbag that we started last semester.

First of all, I want to thank our readers, questioners, and hosts for their contributions to the 13 different versions of the Mailbag that ran last semester. The Mailbag was one of my favourite pieces to edit each week; it exposed our readers to a wide variety of sports knowledge, and, most importantly, it was an interactive piece that drew on expertise from within the SFU Sports community. All in all, I’m proud of how well the Mailbag did in its first semester. 

Having said all of that, because I want to make sure the Mailbag doesn’t get stale or repetitive, I’ve decided to undertake a partial reformatting of the Mailbag for the Spring 2020 semester. Starting next week, we’ll begin a rotation between the original Mailbag format and what I’ll call the Reverse Mailbag. 

The Reverse Mailbag will consist of three to five reader-submitted responses to a question that will be published at the end of the previous week’s Mailbag. Instead of having a host that answers different questions on a single topic, as we do in the original Mailbag format, we’ll have a single question that is answered by different people within the SFU Sports community. The best part about this is that students that submit an answer to the bi-weekly Reverse Mailbag will be paid $5 for their 100–200 word answer. 

To ensure that nobody goes to the effort of writing an answer that we don’t have room for, I’ll simply ask that readers interested in submitting an answer for the Reverse Mailbag briefly get in touch with me before writing and submitting their answer. Further, to give us time to compile answers, we’ll start next week with a hiking-themed Mailbag in the original format, before moving to the Reverse Mailbag the following week. 

The first question for our inaugural Reverse Mailbag is: Which SFU Sports team is your favourite to watch and why? 

As I mentioned, every other week, we’ll continue to publish a Mailbag in the original format. So if you’re interested in hosting a Mailbag about a sport you love, get in touch! I know now, after a semester of awesome Mailbags, that there’s both curiosity and expertise on our campuses when it comes to SFU and non-SFU related sports, and I’m excited to see that expertise displayed in both Mailbag formats moving forward.

If you would like to participate in future editions of the Peak Sports Mailbag and be entered in a raffle for an end-of-semester prize, here’s what you can send to 

  • Sports-related questions that our host will answer
  • Weekly theme ideas to guide our questions
  • Short (100–200 word) responses to our bi-weekly Reverse Mailbag (get paid $5) 

Or: sign up to host the Mailbag (and get paid $15)!

Thanks to all of you SFU sports fans for continuing to blow up my inbox!

Next week’s theme is: Hiking (original Mailbag format)

Next week’s host is: Dylan Webb

Send in your questions to 

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