Couple breaks up after one lover is caught texting their fave YouTube videos to their side pieces

“‘Thomas Saunders Vines compilations of 2018’ was our thing!”


Written by Jennifer Low, Peak Associate

BURNABY, BC — “We are so over!” Ashley Johnston’s voice could be heard echoing down the hallways of the Academic Quadrangle (AQ) last Monday evening as she screamed at Chad Summers. The sound startled dozens of SFU students, many of whom mistook the noise for the piercing sound of the fire alarm and promptly evacuated. 

A source close to the couple calls Johnston and Summers’ relationship a “modern love story.” A month ago, the two SFU students met in the YouTube comments section of a water bottle trickshot video, and they bonded over a mutual love of Vine compilations. 

Reportedly, Johnston called it quits after discovering that Summers was secretly showing her favorite YouTube videos to his other lovers. 

“Chad is a jerk!” says Polly Shorts, a second-year communication major. Shorts is a close friend of Johnston and a self-described love expert: she recently interned with the crew of Are You The One? and watched over 20 different authentic reality television relationships unfold.

“[Chad] knew what mattered most to Ashley, like The Bachelor fan-takes and cat videos, and used them against her,” she explained. “This is a disgusting betrayal! She was blindsided!”

Summers, however, seemed surprised by the accusations. 

“I thought I was coming clean about my other lovers when I decided to have a serious talk about our relationship,” Summers told The Peak. “ I never thought exclusivity extended to favorite YouTube videos! She should take it as a compliment; my side pieces really enjoyed her Youtube recs.” 

“It was a devastating blow,” Johnston confesses in an emotional interview to The Peak, “Those videos were sacred to us. I thought he was the one, the subscriber to my life, the view that I could always count on!” 

When asked if she suspected a break-up was coming, Johnston replied, “When I looked at his viewing history, I knew something was up because he never watches PewdiePie videos without me. But he was watching them . . . all of them . . . all of them without me.” 

Through tears, she continues: “‘Thomas Sanders Vines compilation from 2018’ was our thing! You know most of the time he couldn’t even quote it right without the subtitles on!” 

Johnston’s interview had to be cut short so Peak staff could comfort her through this difficult time. 

The Peak reached out to Summers’ “side pieces”: Genevieve Parker, Jamie Hart, and Georgie Hunter. However, all three declined to comment. It is unclear whether this is because they did not appreciate being called side pieces. 

What has been confirmed is that all Summers’ lovers have severed ties with him. Though sources claim that Parker, Hart, and Hunter are all subscribed to the same YouTube channels liked by Johnston’s account.