Student Artist Spotlight: Aynaz Parkas

The Peak highlights the creative work of some of its own student artists in the School for the Contemporary Arts

Image courtesy of Aynaz Parkas.

By: Kaila Bhullar, SFU Student

Aynaz Parkas is an SFU student in her third year of the School for the Contemporary Arts’ Visual Art program. The Peak recently spoke to her about her art, her process for creating, and what art means to her.

The Peak: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your art.

Aynaz Parkas: I was born in 1999 in Tehran, Iran. I grew up there until the age of 18, [when I] moved to Vancouver to complete my [Bachelor of Fine Arts] in Visual Art at SFU in 2017. 

I started my journey in the arts with theatre acting at the age of 12, [with] my practices shifting to painting when I was 15. My works after joining SFU were mainly installation based, still exploring the mediums. However, the concepts behind my works are always the most important and time-consuming [part] for me. 

P: Why do you make this kind of art?

AP: It is all about the process — I move with a particular flow. I follow the thoughts in my brain, the feeling in my heart, or the pain I endure.

P: What inspires you as an artist? Does your work have any specific influences/influencers? Are there other artists that you look to for inspiration?

AP: In the beginning, the political and social issues, specifically in Iran, were strongly inspiring my art. However, I tried to step back and allow myself to find inspiration in everything. I strongly believe that we are all where we are meant to be and that the universe has countless plans for us. Therefore, I let the inspirations come to me in my daily conversations and activities. I am inspired by the music I listen to, the movies I watch, the different cultures I encounter, and so on. One artist I idolize is Shirin Neshat. I strongly identify with her and look up to her. 

P: What do you hope to do with your art? What are your aspirations and career goals?

AP: My dream is to be a recognized practicing artist. I vision a cozy studio where I can create art and I have the opportunity to have [my work] shown around the world. Most importantly, [I hope to be] able to work with other artists and share knowledge with them.

P: What is the purpose of art? What does art mean to you and why is it your passion?

AP: For me the purpose of art is to evoke something. It can be a thought, a memory, an emotion, a rhythm — it can be anything and yet nothing. The ambiguity and openness of art is what appeals to me the most.