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Written by: Trevor Roberts, Peak Associate

Armin Sidhu – CMPT 371 Ability: 5.0   Teachability: 1.0

EXTREMELY frustrating to deal with, practically skipped EVERY lecture, only attended the midterm and final exam,,, like WTF?! Even after I made SEVERAL posts on Canvas stressing the importance of attendance. Certainly not the attitude I look for in a student!!!

The worst part was that he scored PERFECTLY on every assignment and test. I confronted him after the final to try to explain that his study habits would not get him far, but he seemed to be more concerned with some start-up he was in the process of selling. Would be a better student to have in a smaller class, it’s a shame most kids just don’t have what it takes to be successful.

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Sandra Gomez – ECON 251 Ability: 3.0 -_- Teachability: 4.0  

Where to start…. Sandra is a good student but SO much work. Crazy high energy, will answer every question and ask twice as many. My Week 1 review of the previous course’s material lasted until the midterm because of her constant interruptions. Her final paper was supposed to be 3000 words, and ended up being 47 pages! There is no way to stop her enthusiasm, you can only control it and try to exploit it. In Week 8 I asked a discussion question to the class, walked to Renaissance for a coffee, and came back to her still talking. From Week 9 onwards she brought me a coffee first thing in the morning every class.

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Vicky Zhang – CRIM 409 Ability 5.0 Teachability: 2.0

Interesting to say the least. Extremely knowledgeable, especially on forensic history and murder cases. Had trouble getting along with others in the class, generally very closed off. Wrote a 12-page paper on the Occult, which while extremely well written had little to do with the content of the class. When I asked what she was planning on doing with her degree she just laughed maniacally. However, she was one of the few students who was seemingly unaffected by several accidental deaths in the class. In fact her work got better over the course of the semester, so that’s something I guess?

Tags: Should I Be Concerned?, Zero Communication, School≠Life

Andrew Dickerson – BUS 244 Ability: 1.0 Teachability: 1.0  

Absolute nightmare. Attended less than half of the tutorials and lectures, then

tried cheating on the final exam by using a drone to check other students’

answers ????? Was already going to fail, however, as he plagiarized more than half of

his final paper (about 850 of 1500 words), which was copied directly from

Wikipedia with the links still in it. When I met with him to address it, he said

that I could just mark him on the parts that weren’t plagiarized. If by some administrative error you find him in your class, tell your department head to get him out and don’t take no for an answer.

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