Written by: Michelle Gomez and Henry Tran

SFSS Fall 2019 Kickoff Concert Discussion

During Friday’s meeting, the board discussed making plans for the SFSS’s 2019 Fall Kickoff Concert.

“As we all know convocation mall will be under construction [ . . . ] so I just wanted to find out which space [sic] at the campus we can use,” said Dipti Chavan, Member Services Coordinator for Events. She noted that the concert could also be held outside of campus, however this option holds a higher risk due to insurance.

Samer Rihani, acting president noted that SFU has mentioned that Strand Hall Parking Lot could be an option. Chavan noted that they might consider the North Parking Lot.

Jackson Freedman added that “with convo mall being unavailable, it comes down to the question of, ‘Do you still want to hold the concert in a place that is risky in respect to weather, in a place that’s never been done before?’”

Freedman suggested that they ask SFU to give them two different space options to reserve and then have the next board figure out the other details later.

SFSS welcomes its new executive director

On March 13, 2019, the SFSS released a statement on their website announcing that Sylvia Ceacero has been hired as the student society’s new executive director.

According to the student society’s website, Ceacero has worked on multiple non-profit and for-profit initiatives at the provincial and national level with more than 20 years of experience.

Sylvia brings to the role extensive experience in strategic planning, national, provincial and municipal advocacy and stakeholder relations; strategic and business planning; financial and fiscal management; risk management and human resources and labour relations management,” according to the student society’s press release.

“I’m thrilled to have been appointed the executive director of the student society, it’s very thrilling so far [ . . . ] It’s been quite engaging and daunting at times [for my first week],” said Ceacero in the board meeting.

The Peak will conduct an in-depth interview with Ceacero regarding her visions and plans for the student society.