Album Reviews


By: Youeal Abera and Geron Malbas



When I Get Home by Solange

Solange has taken us home. The R&B gem drops a new, innovative album that further proves her brilliant artistry. When I Get Home reminds us that she’s one of the most creative forces in music today.

Her range is evident on songs like “Way to the Show” which embodies traditional R&B, and “My Skin My Logo” serves as another classic joint the southern hip-hop can claim.

In addition to the eclectic elements within the album’s instrumentals, Solange’s voice shines with angelic frequencies. On ”Stay Flo” and “Binz,” Solange harmonizes with herself in a majestic manner, strengthening the listener’s auditory experience.

Solange also has the incredible ability to sonically pay homage to former R&B greats while still maintaining her trademark sound. “Dreams,” the album’s 7th track, contains a chorus that channels the melodic styles of Janet Jackson. Yet, the song still very much stands as a Solange record — very few artists possess the capability of such a feat.

Solange’s art continues to be unapologetically true to herself. For this, we should be grateful. – YA


Wasteland, Baby! By Hozier

After five long years, Hozier released his sophomore album, Wasteland, Baby! The album is filled with life and emotion which was seen in bits from his first self-titled album, Hozier. Songs such as “Nina Cried Power,” and “Movement” remind us of both the vocal control and power that Hozier has. However, “Almost (Sweet Music)” and “Nobody” exemplifies how much fun he likes to have, hitting the upper register in his vocal range, while also introducing brighter dynamics and grooves.

Whereas his first album introduced us to a sound that injected with hauntingly smooth tones, and equally powerful gusto, Wasteland, Baby! gives us just a bit more of what fans came to love from him. While it could be said that the album plays it a little safe with his sound, it is the staying true to his initial sound after such a long period of time that gets me hooked to this album. – GM


Now That I Found You / No Drug Like Me EP by Carly Rae Jepsen

The queen of underrated pop-bops managed to do it again with this banging three-song EP. Known primarily for her infectiously catchy tunes like “Call Me Maybe,” and “Run Away With Me,” this EP introduces three new songs that are sure to get you jumping and dancing. “Party For One,” a self-love anthem for the broken-hearted, is the perfect song to sing and dance alone to in the privacy of your room.

“Now That I Found You” encapsulates the feelings of clicking with a new heartthrob, with a beat similar to an excited heartbeat, and is generally a tune that evokes many happy feelings.

“No Drug Like Me” brings all these emotions and feelings to a middle ground — it’s a slower song about the equal exchange of love, and how opening up to a partner can make you feel comfortable. If these three songs are just an inkling for what her upcoming album will bring, we’re in for an absolutely amazing treat of an album. – GM