Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg bring their voices to The Vogue

The dynamic duo lead a stirring conversation at the JFL Northwest Comedy Festival

To top off the evening, Rogen and Goldberg brought in Canadian Mounties to feed Timbits to audience members

By: Youeal Abera


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are some of the funniest people to ever break out of Vancouver, and this was further proven on the evening of February 15 at the Vogue Theatre. As a part of Just For Laugh’s Northwest Comedy Festival, Rogen and Goldberg held an event where fans were treated to an intimate evening with the stars through a facilitated Q&A session.

Audience members asked questions about their well-established filmography, and many were directed towards the iconic, coming-of-age film Superbad. In addition, fans asked questions about their personal lives, with one fan having the audacity to ask how the stars each lost their virginity.

During the event I was reminded that Rogen and Goldberg’s personability has helped them maintain their considerable success. Fans were presented with the amazing opportunity to seek advice from Rogen and Goldberg about the world of film and production. Luckily, I was able to ask the duo about any insight they could provide to young writers and actors aspiring to make their marks in the industry. Rogen and Goldberg were nothing short of funny and genuine, adhering to their well-established reputations.  

Those present at the Vogue Theatre were also treated to a number of  exclusive sneak-peaks of the upcoming productions Rogen and Goldberg are soon releasing. Perhaps the most exciting revelation was a scene from the upcoming film, Long Shot, a story that follows the hilarious misadventures of a vehemently bold journalist (played by Rogen). Although I’m not permitted to reveal the contents of the scene, I would be remiss in not stating how emphatically brilliant the writing was in the film’s short clip.

Rogen and Goldberg even provided glimpses into the early drafts of some of their most famous productions. Towards the middle of the evening’s event, the stars shared an earlier version of their rated-R animated film, Sausage Party. Although the film has become infamous for its extremely raunchy essence, the deleted scene that Rogen and Goldberg revealed was perhaps a bit too grotesque . . . even for a film called Sausage Party. I think it’s best to describe the deleted scene as shockingly repulsive.

At the end of the evening, I looked around the Vogue Theatre and perceived how fans lovingly clapped and cheered for Rogen and Goldberg. Consequently, I came to fully realize just how much the comedic legends  have made the city of Vancouver proud. Rogen and Goldberg may have gained legions of admirers around the world, but their most ardent fans still remain in Vancouver, the city they once called home.