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Written by: Gene Cole, Opinions Editor

“You are horrible people” — Scott Gilmore, Macleans

Gilmore’s piece is a blunt and brief letter of frustration towards people who were complaining online about being woken up by an Amber Alert on their phones in Ontario just around midnight. Despite the alert working as intended, by informing people of a missing child so that they could help the police and her parents if they see her, Ontario’s social media was more upset at the police playing a loud alarm over their phones.

Gilmore describes the people annoyed at this audible Amber Alert as being “entitled,” in that they underappreciated that a loud phone message is a low cost to pay when it comes to ensuring the safety of a missing child. The fact that our smartphones can help keep people informed and safe in emergencies like this is a blessing, and Gilmore stresses that people don’t seem to recognize just how stupid it is for people to be annoyed over the police asking for help from anybody who might be able to.

This piece is short but well-put, and an important thing to say. When seeing the social media posts Gilmore’s referenced and linked from people annoyed over the Amber Alert, it’s especially clear that people can be uncomfortably quick to be selfish about their technology. Give it a read, and while you’re at it, don’t be petty about something that’s meant keep children safe.